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About Us

Monarch, a student-run newspaper

Monarch is a student-run newspaper that started with a group of high schools in Irvine from 2018. From 2022, Monarch has renewed our brand to ESG (standing for Environmental, Social, Global). We aim to form an active global advocacy group for students to be able to voice their opinions for environmental and social change on a global platform. This year, we have a board of 7 high schoolers advised by one of the founding members of Monarch, Geoffrey Kang.


Monarch helps students to freely express their opinions skillfully through writing. Each of our issues shows who we are and allows us to practice leadership as a globally active group. All of the former members of Monarch have gone to remarkable colleges as well.


Monarch operates by Media Control, Print Making, Marketing, and Supervising. We cover topics on our environment and society. We also cover breathers regarding sports, food, local issues, arts, and acknowledgements.


All subscriptions are used to donate to non-profit organizations.


Make sure to visit our Monarch Website and Monarch Instagram as well!

Board Members


Editor in Chief

Calvin Pang (Arnold O. Beckman HS 11)

Hello! My name is Calvin Pang and I am a junior at Beckman High School. My main interests in ESG include green spaces and social justice, as well as the dilemma of high school stress. At Monarch, I look forward to producing articles where others can learn more about their world and its phenomena. On the side, I enjoy playing volleyball and hope to play in college as well.

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Head Design

Eugene Kwon (Samueli Academy 10)

Hi! My name is Eugene Kwon and I am a student at Samueli Academy. I was born and raised in Seoul until I moved to California during the summer of 2019. My environmental/social passions are human ecology, environmental sustainability, racial discrimination, and injustice. Aside from that, some of my hobbies are drawing and going out to eat!

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Head of Publicity

Cherry Shin (Northwood HS 10)

My name is Dawon “Cherry” Shin and I’m a sophomore at Northwood High School. I was born in Korea but lived in Japan for 8 years till I moved to America this year. My environmental interest is ocean pollution and my social interest is inclusiveness for the disability community.

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Branch Supervisor

Jayden Lim (University HS 11)

Environmental Passion: Electric vehicle's lithium problem

Social Passion: Car enthusiasts situations with electric vehicles.

Fun Fact: I was born in Hawaii.

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Branch Supervisor

Benjamin Song (Crean Lutheran HS 10)

Environmental Passion: Animals & Green Space Technology

Social Passion: Gun Violence & Racism

Fun fact: I play basketball!

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Co-Print Manager

Terry Bang (Arnold O. Beckman 9)

Hi, my name is Terry Bang and I am a freshman at Beckman High School. My origin is in Korea and I came to the states when I was two years old. My interests in Monarch are food waste and equality. Outside of Monarch, I like to play volleyball and talk with friends. :)

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Co Print Manager

Kayla Park (Irvine HS 9)

Environmental Passion: Overfishing

Social Passion: Gender Equality

Fun Fact: I don't look Korean but I'm 100% Korean.

Division Head

Media Head

Elliot Parker


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Website Manager

Matt Keller


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Marketing Head

Dayna Hendricks


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