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2035: Dooms Day for Californian Car Enthusiasts?

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

California regulators passed the rule banning the sale of gas-powered cars by 2035, causing car companies to switch to manufacturing electric-powered vehicles. Electric Vehicles are becoming the next generation of cars, being made in every car company. EVs bring positive perks to new cars that petrol-powered vehicles don’t have. Electric engines don’t require gas, which is a huge deal in our world right now. Due to gas prices being extremely expensive, people are starting to switch to electric vehicles because of how much cheaper it is to recharge your car’s battery instead of pumping gas. EVs are also healthier for the environment as they reduce emissions. And since the engine is electric, it doesn’t make any noise.

So if electric cars sound so great why doesn’t everybody switch to one, especially car enthusiasts? EVs can be quite expensive, especially with car shortages the markup could increase the price. EVs also don't have the best range, making these vehicles difficult to travel long distances. Additionally, EVs do not reduce carbon emissions completely as it is portrayed, the batteries are made from lithium that’s been generated in a power plant emitting CO2. But especially among car enthusiasts, EVs are extremely hated in the car community. Car enthusiasts despise EVs because they do not have the same feeling as gas-powered cars. The history of cars went through multiple generations going through drastic developments, but this new generation with EVs will completely change what a car means to car enthusiasts, and not in a good way. EVs are very quiet because they don’t require an exhaust. To some people, a quiet car benefits them, but other people, especially car enthusiasts, love the loud roar of cars. To car enthusiasts, a loud exhaust is one of the best things about cars, even with EVs installing a fake exhaust sound, it doesn’t bring the same feeling. But the main reason why car enthusiasts hate EVs is because of their ability to work on engines. One of the biggest and best things about a car is to fix or improve the engine, whether it’s to upgrade it to increase the speed or to fix a car from scratch. Being able to mod cars is one of the most important key parts when it comes to the car community. To mod your cars to make them sound louder or faster, using car parts is what makes it special. But with EVs, they take away that ability and don't need any of these car components because they would not work with an electric engine. With an electric engine, it is impossible to change or improve the engine which destroys the concept that each car is different and unique. With EVs, everybody's car will be the same and there will be no point in showing how a car is unique.

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