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The quietness of Geometry class was broken by a panicked shout, and I looked up from my assignment, scanning the air for a bee.

Aiden exclaimed that he knew how to catch a bee, and emptied his backpack in order to catch it.

Someone asked why he wanted to catch it, and that it would be easier to kill it. However, Aiden went on explaining that bees were going extinct and they needed to be saved. The teacher looked on anxiously and Aiden reassured everyone he could do it. Once he got permission to try to catch the bee, Aiden grabbed his backpack, jumped up onto a chair, and swung his backpack to try catch the bee. He missed. The bee darted to the other side of the room. Aiden tried again, and missed.

“Dang it, I almost had it!” Aiden said.

It flew to the other side again, and Aiden said that the bee was talking to him. The teacher asked what it was saying, and Aiden explained that the bee said that it didn’t want to be caught. Aiden swung the backpack into the air again, and this made the bee mad. It flew to the center of the room, where everyone had gathered to escape the bee zipping through the air, and it started flying erratically over everyone’s head.

The whole class scattered and panicked, as the angry bee swerved in large figure eights. Then, it flew to the back of the classroom, where the teacher was seated, and it flew right at his face. Luckily, the teacher ducked just in time and the bee flew right to the door.

The teacher let out a sigh of relief and said “You are so close to freedom, go away” and swung a piece of paper at it. That was all the encouragement it needed, the bee finally flew out the door and left the room.

After Aiden found out it was gone, he sat back down and put his backpack away as if he was sad that he couldn’t catch the bee, which made everyone laugh again.

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