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  • Calvin Cho

A New Chapter for the Insight Speaker’s Series

Ever since that fateful day in March 2020 when COVID-19 was declared a national pandemic, events have become cancelled or postponed. With the continued tragedy of COVID-19, it seemed as if the Insight Speakers Series, a high school student-run speaker’s event, would also be in the list for cancelled events. However, the Insight Speaker’s Series has proved the resilience of the students and the community.

Around three times a year for the past few years, high school students have come together to present the Insight Speaker’s Series. At the Insight Speaker’s Series, student speakers and guest adult speakers gather to give their insights on a theme that the event is centered around. In the past, themes have included “New Beginnings,” “Family Ties,” and “Acceptance.” The organization’s events have served as a center where people from different age groups could share the same story, giving different perspectives.

As mentioned before, students thought that the organization would have to wait out the pandemic. After all, people could not legally gather and even if they could, only a few would want to take the risk to attend. However, students soon realized that the entire speaker’s event could be hosted online via Zoom. After weeks of planning since June, students were able to figure out who to fix up the original in-person event so that it could be hosted online. The event was hosted on July 17th and in order to stay updated with current events, the theme was “Perspectives on the Coronavirus.”

The student speakers provided insight on how their academic career has been impacted and how this pandemic has changed them into a maturer version of themselves. Their presentations were followed up by guest adult speakers, who share their perspectives on recent events connected to COVID-19. Through this event, speakers and attendees alike were able to share and communicate their take on recent events. As a student speaker for the event myself, I can strongly say that the event was a great place where I could learn about how different age groups feel about recent events.

Despite facing the heavy obstacle of quarantine and having to cancel a planned out event, the students in the Insight Speaker’s Series were able to fight through and host another great event. The organization hopes to spread awareness on the power of online platforms. Certain events really do seem like an impossibility with the current state of the world but with the rise of the online stage, it is hoped that organizations will find new and creative ways to pursue their purpose.

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