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  • Andrew Choi

Boston College Summer Camp

I was excited to apply for a college summer camp this year. After researching a long list of programs, I found the Boston College Leadership summer program. This was an opportunity to learn the synchronized power of leadership and business from one of my dream schools. I submitted my application, essay, letter of recommendation and anxiously awaited for the first day of the program.

Due to the pandemic shutdown, I was unable to attend on-campus, and instead took virtual classes through Zoom. During the 2-week course I had the opportunity to learn from an esteemed professor and meet other students from across the country. In addition,I got to listen to guest speakers. One of the guest speakers told us about growing up in a poor neighborhood and described the hardships he had to go through during his childhood. He is now a successful business CEO and influencer to young teens like me.

Furthermore, the group project at the end of the course has inspired me to further study business management and become an innovative entrepreneur. The project was to come up with a business idea and organize a presentation of a business pitch to the class. My group’s business plan was to make a heated ice cream scoop that could easily scoop ice cream that had frozen rock solid. There was a lot of planning involved by all the group members, and we prepared a great presentation. The business idea and well-organized presentation was a hit with everyone. It was a valuable experience that I think is very beneficial to my future business career.

I had hoped to spend a summer session on the Boston College campus, but the stimulating lessons I learned from the Business and Leadership Institute almost made me forget that I was not physically in Boston. I believe this experience has given me the chance to accomplish my goals while also giving me a clearer vision for my future.

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