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COVID Rules at the Community Pools

COVID-19 continues to require all people and businesses to take precautions and modify operations and activities to reduce the risk of spread. Los Angeles County entered the “Orange Tier” of the State’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy framework; this protocol has been updated to lift some local activity-specific restrictions.

Public swimming pools are now open for the hot summer days ahead, but everyone should proceed with caution and adhere to the requirements in this protocol to reduce the potential spread of COVID19. All public swimming pools in Irvine are now open, and other areas such as Costa Mesa, Anaheim, Orange, Brea, and Yorba Linda have also opened. There are some rules before entering the community pool. First, all swimmers must make an appointment to check in - only a limited number of people are permitted at the pool. Second, all swimmers must wear masks when checking in at the front gate. Swimmers will be returning home if their covers are not on appropriately.

Normal precautionary measures still apply, such as no diving head first outside of the designated diving areas, staying away from drains and other openings, swimming with a buddy, staying sober at the pool, and no running near the pool. These pool rules and COVID regulations will help provide a fun and safe time at the local community pools.

Indoor and outdoor pools are now open for regular use, in addition to drowning prevention classes, including swim lessons with certified instructors and aquatic therapy sessions. However, jacuzzi, spa pools, water parks, and splash pads located within amusement parks remain closed until further notice, and currently, water slides, rides, or other water attractions are to be kept closed.

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