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Dia de los Muertos Festival at Bowers Museum

On November 5th, Bowers Museum held the Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Death) Festival. On this holiday, families remember and celebrate departed loved ones who visit earth on the Day of the Death. At the Dia de Los Muertos Festival, attendees enjoyed special art projects, face painting, pan dulce with Mexican hot chocolate, and performances by R.h.y.t.h.m.o. Mariachi Kids, Folklorico Raices de Mexico, Trio Tres Souls, and Xipe Totec Danza Azteca.

I volunteered in the face painting booth for the first time, and it was not easy for me. However, I enjoyed this opportunity very much, as it was a meaningful experience to volunteer at the Dia de Los Muertos Festival because I could learn about the importance of learning new cultures and cheering.

According to the Orange County Register, around 150,000 people annually attend the Bowers Museum. Culture museums, including Bowers Museum, preserve the history of society and exhibit the story of communities, so people enjoy visiting Bowers Museum, where they can celebrate world cultures through art. By celebrating the variety of cultures through art events and festivals, people learn about how to understand the differences.

Not only learning about the importance of learning about new cultures, but I was also very touched because of people’s kindness. It is because even though I was not able to identically draw the pictures that people wanted, people appreciated my hard work and they even cheered me that I’m doing great. In particular, little kids never said that they did not like my drawing though it did not look like what they expected. They smiled and cheered me back, which made me feel sorry and thankful to them.

This opportunity was worthwhile, and I am going to participate in this even again. Also, I will apply myself to be a more tolerant person in other cultures and become a more warm-hearted person like people I met at this festival. This day is unforgettable, and I will always be thankful to the people who inspired me.

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