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  • Jaden Lee

Eager to learn, but no resources? Lettuce Learning is for you!

Finals week is coming up and your classes have moved online. You are one week away from finals, but you still don’t know how to use the unit circle, or perhaps there is a chapter in your history textbook that you still can’t fully grasp. No one can be perfect at every subject, and that is why a knowledgeable tutor would be very useful.

Ever since the CDC announced a social distancing program, recommending schools to close for an indefinite period, there has been a shift from offline work to online work. The Coronavirus, more formally known as the Novel Coronavirus or nCoV in short, has had a profound impact in everyone’s life especially those in the education sector. In a time period where unemployment rates are rising, it is more difficult for students to find an affordable tutor. Lettuce Learning, a donation-based tutoring system, is seeking to solve this problem. The website is filled with high school students with experience in teaching subjects such as math, science, social studies, economics, computer science, Korean, or art. These outstanding students are available as peer-tutors and Lettuce Learning connects them to students who are eager to learn.

So, why choose this tutoring service over other ones? Like mentioned before, Lettuce Learning believes in providing high quality education for everyone. The isolation and disconnect experienced during this time of self-quarantine can be overcome by utilizing our online tools and resources. The tutors have flexible schedules and work to accommodate all levels, and the peer-tutors understand and relate to the difficulties of other students better than anyone else. My past experiences of peer tutoring at school and teaching math to my younger sister helped me want to become a tutor for Lettuce Learning. The satisfaction from knowing that I have helped someone else in a subject that I am proficient at is a great motivating force, and I believe that other tutors in Lettuce Learning are also dedicated in teaching their subjects to assist their peers.

What are you waiting for? Visit to browse tutors and subjects available. Tutors are taking reservations now, and tutors will respond back to you within 24 hours to confirm the schedule. Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn and grow with Lettuce Learning.

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