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EV Motorsports: All Speed, No Adrenaline

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Jayden Lim (University High School)

Motorsports is a genre of different types of competitive racing that involves high-performance powered cars. Motorsports can range from multiple types of racing, such as rallying, drifting, motocross, etc. The most popular ones are Formula 1 and Nascar, F1 is known as the most popular racing series worldwide. Formula 1 is about different car brands each representing a driver to race their car. Their vehicles are not just regular cars you see on the streets. These single-seated, open-cockpit cars are meant for high performance and make roughly around 1000 horsepower. Each car is designed by different car manufacturers who focus on making the car as best as possible. With new generations of cars constantly evolving, motorsports must also adapt to the new change. However, with electric vehicles overtaking the car generation, it will change the concept of motorsports. The generation of cars will be overtaken by electric vehicles, meaning it will also have to change the sports cars we see on the streets. With these sporty gas-powered cars being replaced, car enthusiasts are very upset with this change as EVs don’t bring the same sense of excitement. But what does this say for motorsports? Electric engines bring many perks, but it doesn’t fit the criteria performance-wise. For starters, EVs may be fast, but their batteries run out faster. One of the biggest problems with electric engines right now is how the battery lasts for a short amount of time compared to gas-powered cars. If this problem is not solved and replaces gas-powered cars in motorsports, people are going to have a fun time just watching cars getting recharged every 5 laps. Another downside of an electric engine in a motorsports vehicle is that there is absolutely no sound when accelerating. If you are a car enthusiast, or just like cars in general, you would know that a pure roar from the engines is one of the best things about a car. Especially in motorsports, hearing that scream coming from the cars is what fans and racers love. With no roar, there is no thrill for the fans and the silence makes you want to leave, might as well put on some headphones and play “loud car noise” on Youtube to try to make it better. Ken Block, a professional rally driver for the Hoonigan Racing Division is one of the most popular and respected racers in motorsports. Ken Block has done some insane car stunts over the years that leave fans amazed, he has raced through London, Pikes Peak, and the Tianmen Mountains. Ken has driven some wild vehicles that people admire, but his recent car that he drove in Las Vegas has left his fans disappointed. And you could guess why: it’s electric. While he still performed amazingly, people wished that he would’ve used a gas-powered car because they want to hear the engine noises, saying how “The electric engine just steals so much enjoyment.” Hopefully, there will be ways to improve these problems. EVs may be beneficial on daily streets but it’s quite clear that they aren’t the best fit for motorsports.

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