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Get Ready for 6G Network, Cause It is Coming!

What is a Network? The network is a technology that allows people to connect with others by using computers, phones, and other technological devices wirelessly. Cellular data and the internet are also part of the network system. So when was the network first created? The first 1G network was launched in 1983 in Chicago by Nippon Telephone and Telegraph Company.

So, What is 6G? 6G is the sixth generation of wireless technology. It follows up on 4G and 5G, building on the revamped infrastructure and advanced capacity currently being established on 5G networks. Using higher-frequency radio bands will give networks much faster speeds and lower latency, supporting sophisticated mobile devices and systems like automated cars. So what is the difference between 5G and 6G? There is not that much of a difference; however, the 6G network has a higher and faster network system that will speed up all networks to their maximum. Scientist suggests that the 6G network will be 100 times faster and more convenient than the 5G.

Some experts are talking about 6G because significant changes are in internet technology works in general. Consumers are using more devices and consuming internet data at record rates, incorporating Wi-Fi into virtually all aspects of everyday life. And wireless companies are rushing to compete with traditional broadband internet providers, hoping to meet rising demand with robust and flexible cellular networks.

What places are performing 6G? Currently, South Korea and Japan are striving to create a 6G Network. South Korea is the country that deployed the first 5G network, and it will stay in the lead as far as penetration of the technology goes. According to the network system in South Korea, by 2025, almost 50 percent (about 20 million people) of mobile subscriptions in South Korea are expected to use 6G networks. However, installation of 6G in the United States will be delayed because 25% of the United States population are still using 4G or not even using the network.

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