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  • Eric Gwon

How To Be Fit And Healthy In This Pandemic

Summer body workouts at the gym have been halted due to the CoronaVirus. California Department of Public Health stated that gyms will be allowed to re-open starting Friday, June 12th; however, many are hesitant to return to gyms where people are confined in a small space for hours. That doesn’t mean people should give up on the idea of being healthy and fit.

Physical activity is important to both the mind and body. It doesn’t matter how long you work out, but it does matter whether you do it effectively or not. The Mayo Clinic recommends about 20-30 minutes of daily exercise, because regular physical activity can improve your muscle strength and boost your immune system. In addition, physical activity increases oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps the cardiovascular system work more efficiently.

I am an avid athlete and I have found several exercises that can easily be done at home and effectively works out the entire body. Start with jumping rope for 10 minutes, because cardio exercises, like running or jumping rope, can reduce stress, reduce fat, improve heart endurance, and could help alleviate chronic pain. Then, move onto pushups, pullups, and squats (30 times, 3 sets). These exercises help build muscles in your upper body such as the chest, tricep, bicep, back, thigh, and shoulders. It even helps you with your posture. Lastly, end with various stretches such as balancing stretches or after-work stretches. Balancing stretches are stretches that balance your body shape and flexibility, some examples are: Supine Piriformis, Standing Piriformis, Outer Hip Piriformis, Long Adductor, Short Adductor, Side-Lying Clam, Hip Extension, Supine Piriformis Side, Buttocks, and Seated stretch. After-work stretches are especially effective for people with desk jobs. Long hours in the sitting position may make the body feel stiff and sore in the neck and shoulder. Spend about 3 minutes standing up and looking at the ceiling while doing back and arm stretches.

Outdoor sports such as tennis, basketball, and golf might not be readily accessible with the various Coronavirus restrictions. Simple, yet effective, at-home exercises can help keep our bodies healthy and relieve stress from our minds.

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