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If you are seeking for both comfort and style, consider buying the beautifully designed Sayl Chair

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Majority of people nowadays spend hours and hours on a chair. Whether they are a student or an adult, the use of chairs is inevitable in daily lives. Because of the frequent use of chairs, people attempt to find chairs that are externally well designed, comfortable, and support the body posture. However, looking for a chair that meets all three conditions is very challenging. Out of all the options, the Sayl Chair is the one that I recommend the most. The chair not only meets all the three conditions, but it also uses eco-friendly materials and the story behind the design of the chair is fascinating.

The Sayl Chair was first introduced during the late 2000’s by a designer named Yves Béhar. Béhar, who is from San Francisco, was pondering whether a chair could incorporate the engineering principles of the Golden Gate Bridge. He began to design a chair that has similar characteristics with a suspension bridge by using tension and compression. He used elastomer materials that could be stretched and provide tension where most support is needed. On the other hand, it eases movements where tension is not as strong and provides more flexible movements. The pattern of the back of the chair incorporates both geometric patterns and the patterns spreading out resembles the way the poles of the suspension bridge intersect. The way the lines of the back chair come together and form three triangles also reminds me of a suspension bridge. I think the idea of incorporating the engineering principle to a chair is really smart. If you think about it, a bridge can support hundreds of cars. If that same system was used in chairs, it would make a good support to the human body.

Adding on to this, some other examples of ergonomic features of the Sayl Chair is ventilation and air circulation. Thanks to the geometric shapes of the seat back and the elimination of the chair frame, smooth ventilation and air circulation enables the best airflow. Another thing I like about this chair is that it uses eco-friendly materials. The chair uses 91% recycled material and only recycled polyester fabrics are used without any PVC’s. These days the environmental waste created by the furniture is a serious problem. The fact that Herman Miller and Béhar considered this situation really showed me the thoughtfulness that I was put in when designing this chair.

Accumulating all of this, the main reason I recommend the Sayl chair is because it helps support your physical health by the various ergonomic features included but at the same time considers the external design and aesthetic of the chair. Most chairs that are geared towards ergonomic features often don’t put in the same effort into design and vice versa. However, the Sayl Chair took both criterias into consideration. It blended in the ergonomic features as part of the design. While the geometric shape of the back of the chair might seem artistic, it also takes a big part of supporting the user’s back. Also, they eliminated the back frame of the chair and replaced it with a “y” shape support to keep the design more clean and simple.

Especially because people spend a lot of time sitting, investing a sufficient amount when buying a chair isn’t a bad idea. If you want both the aesthetic and ergonomic features, consider taking a look at the Sayl Chair by Herman Miller.

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