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Is Gun Control an Effective Way to Control Crime?

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

In this picture, people are protesting for the ban on firearms and the protection of people. These people think the ban on the use of firearms could lead to less crime because there will be no deadly weapons to cause serious crime. On the other hand, other people think that the ban on firearms could lead to a higher crime rate because there will be no weapons to defend themselves with. But what if there was a solution to both opinions and will allow guns only for good purposes and not bad ones? Gun licenses are permits to own guns under specified conditions. This can still allow the use of firearms but decrease crime rate because it provides background checks and carries permits for weapons, it can control the use of firearms and violent crimes, and can be used for self-defense or entertainment.

First, gun licenses can be used to decrease the crime rate because it is used as an allowance that provides information about the user. Similar to how a driver's license controls the age and skill of a person and decides whether the person should be able to drive or not, this will allow people to use firearms but not just any people. People who are not underaged, people who are mentally healthy, and who know how to use a firearm appropriately will be able to use firearms. This will settle both arguments of whether the U.S. should ban firearms or not and decrease crime rates.

After that, gun licenses can be used to decrease the crime rate because they can control the use of firearms and therefore, decrease violent crimes. Most people commit crimes nowadays with the use of guns. However, firearms aren’t bad because they can be used for self-defense. People who are mentally healthy will be able to defend themselves against potential threats whether they are criminals or dangerous animals.

Last but not least, gun licenses can allow firearms to be used for self-defense and entertainment. Defending oneself can be much easier with the use of firearms and will most likely be able to save the victim of an attack. There are other purposes other than self-defense that are beneficial. Firearms can be used for the military, hunting, or entertainment; gun licenses will still allow these things to work as long as the activity does not break the law.

In conclusion, gun licenses should be used because they are an allowance for the user of the firearm, they can be used for the control of the use of firearms, and they can be used for beneficial purposes such as self-defense and entertainment. The firearms allowance will help people use them for self-defense, military, hunting, and other activities. But, firearms can be deadly and if used in the wrong hands, they can be fatal. That is why we need to use gun licenses to let firearms go into the right hands and be used only for good purposes, not bad ones.

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