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Is Technology Corrupting or Saving our Lives?

Technology and electronic devices have always been a crucial part of our lives, whether it's for work, entertainment, or to take a break. In this time of crisis, electronic devices have become a more prevalent part of our lives than ever before.

The social distancing and stay home orders have converted most social, school, and work interactions to remote, online platforms. For many people who are staying at home, most of their time is devoted to online work meetings, social networks, and entertainment. A large amount of time has become dependent on phones and computers.

In an interview with Beckman Highschool English teacher and basketball coach John Goins, when asked approximately how much time a day he used any electronic device, he responded with, "Goodness, nearly the entire time I'm up unless I'm doing something like going for a run (though I'm listening to music during it) or grilling in the backyard." Furthering this comment, he remarks, "I definitely appreciate the moments where I do disconnect, and I'm looking forward to possibly getting out into a park and going fishing sometime this summer, if possible."

It seems that everything from work to leisure is constantly accompanied by technology. Fortunately, this technology allows connections and interactions that are otherwise impossible, and provides the education, entertainment, and relationships that we need as healthy members of society.

Although there is a negative stigma about having faces glued to a screen, presently, technology may be the one saving grace in this time of global pandemic. Finding ways to cope with stress can help save thousands of people and communities, and in a way, the internet provides just that. It provides a platform to communicate with friends and family, and a place to burn some time and release piling stress. Had this crisis struck a few years prior, families may have had a more difficult time managing this stress.

Mental health is just as important as physical health. These devices, such as phones or tablets, that some people cast aside as “dangerous or distracting” may be saving lives at this very moment, warding off despair and becoming a safe haven for everyone. All the different platforms developed over the recent years allow many people the opportunity to teach, work, learn, and talk to one another. By allowing people to speak to one another, they feel less alone, less afraid, and with a healthier mental comes a much healthier lifestyle. In a way, social interactions give us strength quite literally, and right now, technology is critical.

Technology is a powerful tool that has been greatly advanced in recent decades. These advancements allow for faster and efficient connections all over the world, and provide the hope and warmth, especially needed during this time of isolation. The potential to grow and utilize technology for the betterment of society is boundless, and as such, it is arguably the most powerful life saving tool.

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