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Laptops vs. Desktop Computers? Discussing the Best choices for the average high school student from

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

When I was choosing my first laptop or desktop to buy, I was very overwhelmed with all the different options I had. The many different advantages and disadvantages of desktops and laptops confused me and took me a lot of time to finally decide what I got. Therefore to save you from feeling the same pain as me, I made this article that will cover most of the advantages/disadvantages that I thought about before deciding on getting a laptop or a desktop. Maybe if you are getting a desktop or laptop, this article may very well be what you needed.

Number 1:Prices

Laptops and desktops have flexible price ranges. A high-end laptop may probably cost you $1300 - $2000 while a high-end desktop may cost $2000 - $5000. Computers and laptops in this price range are very powerful and are able to run bulky software smoothly. They will be able to easily run editing software, large games, and streaming platforms effortlessly.

On the other hand, mid-range laptops may cost you $800 - $1200 while mid-range desktops may cost $800 - $1400. These may cause slight lag and a decrease in speed when running large programs. Laptops especially will have the biggest difference in performance compared to high-end prices. These desktops and Laptops will still be able to run the same programs as high-end price ranges but maybe not as well.

Lastly, you have budget laptops and desktops. These low-end devices range from $400 - $700. These laptops and desktops will probably have difficulty running large programs such as photoshop. These may even have hard times running zoom with a program in its background such as chrome. It is essential to get a laptop or desktop price range that is essential for you. Get the price range that is right for you. If you need a device only for school, maybe a mid-end price range is good for you. If you need a device that has to run hundreds of simulations for research, maybe something more expensive will be a better investment.

Number 2.1: Laptops v.s. Desktops Mobility

One of the biggest differences between desktops and laptops is its mobility. desktops are very heavy and are normally kept at home. A full build of a desktop required two things. A fully made desktop and a monitor. In addition, many monitors for desktops are quite big and will not fit in a normal bag. Laptops on the other hand are designed to be light-weight and made for travel. They are made to be thin and small. They will most likely fit in most bags. Laptops are definitely the better option for people who move around a lot and need a device with them. I recommend that students get laptops as they might need to use them at6w school or maybe at the library. In conclusion, laptops will definitely be the choice for you if you need to work in many different locations.

Number 2.2: Strength/Power

Laptops and desktops alike vary in power/strength depending on how much you pay. However desktops are most definitely more powerful in general compared to laptops. With the right specs you can run hundreds of tabs or files without even a drop of fps. However, laptops will probably lag a lot more than desktops. My laptop for example can’t run Chrome and Photoshop at the same time although the laptop came out recently. So, if you require a program that might need a bit more power to run such as video editing or data analysis, a desktop might be just what you need.

Number 3: Customizability

All desktops and laptops alike are made of several different components. Most of these components are changeable but there are limits to your changes. Laptops for example are extremely hard to customize. Many laptop components from big brands such as Apple are custom. Most of the time, you have to take the laptop to the manufacturer in order to upgrade a part of your laptop. desktops however can be upgraded manually with what you want. You can buy components that may differentiate to your preferences. Maybe you would rather have speed than video quality. Or more storage over RAM. Not only can you change the specs of a desktop, you can design it the way you want it to look. If you want a white and modern theme, you can simply buy components that fit the theme.


I hope that this information can allow you to make a decision that you won’t regret in the future. Getting a laptop or desktop that is right for you is very impactful for your work or education. Whether you want something for school, work, or even hobbies, a computer that's suitable for you will be the best investment.

Author's Bio

Terry Bang is a 14 year old kid who is currently going up towards 9th grade. He is a friendly and sociable person who likes to express his thoughts in any way possible. He is a good student who always tries to have some fun in classes or in different ways.

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