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  • Eric Gwon

Leading Matters

Do you want to become the greatest leader? In our society, we must have leaders in order to have a better world. Leadership is the act of inspiring others to make a better world or organization. Leaders help us to identify, understand, and refine our purpose. They also help to align thoughts and clarify the motivations to work.

An inspiring book about leadership is “Leading Matters: Lesson from My Journey” by John L. Hennessy. John L. Hennessy was a computer science graduate and is currently the president of Stanford University. He wrote the book “Leading Matters” from his own experiences to explain how he became the president of Stanford and how he made the computer science facilities better with his leadership.

The author delves into how one can become a better leader in ten chapters. In my opinion, one of the most useful chapters was humility. He elaborates and explains that in order to become the best leader, one must be humiliated in front of everyone. Humiliation makes people realize that one’s understanding might not be right which means taking the opportunity to learn from mistakes and it also means stepping up to the moments that challenge and grow people.

I encourage and recommend people to read this book because it is helpful for those who want to be a leader or be part of a leadership team.

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