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  • Minsuh Kwak

Making Food with Art

With the new Delta variant perpetuating the pandemic to continue and affect millions of lives across the world, non-profit organizations who have heretofore aided countries and people in need are struggling to continue their benevolent work. The gloomy reality is that COVID-19 has not changed the state of millions of children across the world who still struggle to receive adequate food supply and medical aid. Notwithstanding, the virus had failed to deter one artist from supporting children in need during the pandemic.

Hyun-Ae Kang, a prominent contemporary artist born in South Korea who received her Bachelor in Fine Arts and her Masters in Fine arts from Ewha University where she studied modern sculpture, had successfully completed this year’s Crops of Love 9th exhibition. Crops of Love is an annually held art exhibition “that displays hand-made artwork in order to raise funds for those in need throughout Africa.” Funds generated from the exhibition have built school kitchens in African schools to provide daily school lunch to children in need. Crops of Love Exhibitions have expanded internationally, taking place in both the United States and South Korea. This year’s exhibition took place in the Brea Museum & Historical Society, where various paintings by Kang herself and a group of volunteer students were displayed.

This year, the funds generated by the exhibition were sent to Malawi, Africa, to continue operating the school kitchens that provide free meals to children. Despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic, Kang and her group of students have made over $8000 in funds, which is truly remarkable. Kang expressed that she is delighted to support children in need with not only the artwork of her but with the artwork of volunteer students whom she guided in the Crops of Love Art Club this year. Kang plans to continue running her non-profit organization next year and emphasizes that the club is “open for any student eager to learn art to help those in need.”

As a student who volunteered in the Crops of Love Art Club to display my personal artwork at the exhibition this year, I was gratified to use my talent for a benevolent cause. For students interested in art, I recommend joining the club next year for an opportunity to display your own artwork at the exhibition and support children in Africa. For others, I recommend visiting the exhibition for a chance to observe extraordinary pieces of art as well and donate to provide meals for African children. The exhibition is still open until August 30 at the Brea Museum & Historical Society, so visit when you have a chance!

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