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New Years Korea

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Terry Bang (Beckman High School)

New Year is a once a year holiday where people from all over the globe will celebrate with their loved ones and do special cultural things. In Korea, New Years is heavily celebrated. There are traditional clothes people wear, games that children and adults play, special ancestral rites, and more. Hanboks are a traditional ceremonial dress that is for both females and males. These clothes do not necessarily need to be worn at home but going outside to festivals or cultural buildings is recommended. Celebrating with family and even extended families is also a tradition for Korean New Years. Children also have a big part in this holiday. They receive sebaetdon, in other words, money. They bless their elders with good fortune and receive money from the elders back. Rice cake soup is also part of the Korean new years tradition. This is because Koreans believe that eating this traditional dish will extend their lives by one year.

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