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New Years Resolutions

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Terry Bang (Beckman High School)

New years resolutions - goals that one makes at the beginning of the year in hopes of reaching them.

New Year's Day is a way for everyone to celebrate the end of 365 days. People make these new years resolutions to restart and make themselves a better person. They may make goals for better habits or perhaps better grades. However, does anyone still remember their goals and abide by them? Think for a minute and try to remember what goal you made 365 days ago. Quite hard right? Now if we were to remember our resolutions and abide by them, how much better do you think our lives will be? Thus, how will we be able to remember our goals and actually attempt to reach them? There are many different methods suitable for each person. If your goal for example is having better work habits, making a calendar with all your plans continuously and updating it frequently is a way that you are remembering and implementing your goal. If your goal is something that cannot be acted on immediately such as an achievement, make a reminder or hang a note card with your goal on the wall to motivate you to complete that achievement.

  • Calender

  • Poster? Like smth hanging on the wall

  • Reminder

  • Alarm?

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