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Processed Food

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Processed foods have been invented by someone in the name of Nicholas Appert who invented the technique of hermetic bottling in 1809. This was used to preserve food for the French troops. This contributed to the future of preserving food. Processed foods have been around for centuries and have done well to keep our food fresh and edible. However, as humanity has evolved, our processed foods have constantly been evolving. Processed foods are now considered unhealthy in a way, because we have learned that salt, and other sorts of flavorful herbs can be added to our foods. Processed foods have ultimately increased our levels of sodium intake which can also increase the levels of heart diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressures.

Since processed foods have come into our lives. It’s been helping us not worry about the food expiring overnight. However, salt helps preserve our food so food industries put in a large amount of sodium inside the foods that we eat. This is out of helping, the foods we need to survive have a larger span of being fresh. But, because of the large amount of sodium being added in our food, this also means that we’re also ingesting more amount of sodium than our average amount. Because of the high amount of sodium intake we now have a large obese epidemic in the US. Making half of the population in the US have heart diseases. And because we have such a large obese epidemic in the US. This can fill and crowd the neighboring hospital because of the heart diseases and respiratory troubles.

Processed foods have such high sugar, and sodium levels it’s overall so unhealthy to human kind. It can lower our life span. However, we can be healthy while also continuing to eat the chips and candies of our favorite flavors. Majority of people often don’t check the nutritional facts behind the snacks we buy. By checking the nutritional facts behind the packaged snacks can help you realize how much sugar and sodium is in 1 singular bag. This can ultimately help us keep eating our sodium and sugars at our average intake. Additionally, checking nutritional facts isn't the only solution to keeping our sodium and sugar intakes at an average amount but eating our daily vegetables and having to work out can help lower our chances of getting any serious health issues. Overall, cutting off processed foods entirely can be an ultimate way of having to keep your sodium and sugar levels at a good percentage. But, in reality you don’t have to cut off processed foods, keeping up a daily exercise and eating our daily vegetables can help us keep away from high serious health issues.

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