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Schedule of the Best Basketball Players

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

I play for Crean Lutheran High School and a club team. My goal is to play D-1 basketball in college and in order to do so, I take my training, nutrition, and lifestyle very seriously. This is what I do to make sure that I’m in the best possible shape for training .

My schedule everyday starts a little after 5 o’clock AM. When I wake up, I search up stretching or yoga for beginners on youtube and follow the posture for about thirty minutes. Not only does this help with your flexibility, it also helps you feel relaxed mentally. After that, I get ready and go to LA Fitness. I start by warm ups, usually dribbling first before I shoot. I do dribbling drills with 2 balls first then start shooting from close range near the basket. Then I start moving back more and more until the three point line. But sometimes I do things a little differently. I sometimes practice on the things I couldn’t do really well during the tournament. For example, if you keep losing the ball during the games, work more on your dribbling and if you keep missing wide open shots, work more on your shooting. After the workout, I clean myself up and go to school.

After school is when our team has practice. Our coach in particular emphasizes two things in basketball : effort and attitude. If you put effort and have a good attitude, there is a good chance that you will make varsity in our school. You can prove this to your coach during practice. This is why showing up to practice and giving the best you got during practice is important. After practice, I usually do my homework. This is how you can maintain your good grades and improve your basketball skills.

However, the schedule for the offseason is different. I usually have individual practices or club practice during the afternoon depending on which day it is, I go to practice. Now school team basketball and club team basketball are very very similar except that in club basketball you can have more in-game experience. Schools have tournaments on certain days while club basketball have tournaments every few weeks but both are essential for your improvement. This is because club basketball can help improve decision making. Basketball is a team sport and you have to make decisions when to pass or shoot without doing turnovers. If you are already a really good hooper, you can even get offers from many different colleges and get a scholarship too.

If you do all of these you are a skillful hooper, but there is one thing that is more important than anything else in basketball: mentality. If you have the skills but not the mentality, you will never be a good basketball player. The mentality a basketball player should have is passion, courage, vision, resilience, and confidence.

Now, with practice and this mentality, you will be a great hooper. It does take a while but keep working because it is all worth it. Now go make yourself proud!

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