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Thanksgiving 2020

In the month of November, one of the most memorable and important holidays of the year occurs: Thanksgiving. Celebrated for hundreds of years, Thanksgiving has been a holiday where one’s friends and family all gather to enjoy the time together along with a large feast. However, given the unique conditions of this year, people will have to somehow enjoy Thanksgiving day, just like any other year, while still following safety precautions and social distance restrictions.

Due to the current pandemic, everybody was required to follow precautions to stay safe. Some of the main ways to stay safe was to maintain a safe distance from everybody and to wear a mask. But, these safety measures contradict the main events of the Thanksgiving holiday. By not being able to meet anybody or share a meal with them, it seemed that having a Thanksgiving holiday this year would be impossible. However, there can be many ways to still enjoy Thanksgiving while still staying safe from the pandemic.

One way to enjoy Thanksgiving is to meet with friends and family virtually. Although one cannot meet with others directly, they can still talk and enjoy some time with them, and if possible, they can even enjoy a meal or watch a show together online. One main point of Thanksgiving is to enjoy the time together with others, so by meeting digitally, one can still preserve one of the main reasons for Thanksgiving without the need to meet each other in person.

Another way is to meet in person, but only for a short time while following local regulations, such as wearing a mask and maintaining a six feet from others. As long as one follows these precautions and stay safe, one can feel free to visit others for a short amount of time and enjoy their company, exchanging gifts, and having nice conversations.

This year, many significant changes have occurred because of the pandemic, creating a very unusual situation for people around the world. These changes, whether people have liked them or not, have been created to help and protect the health of the people, so that people can live normally in the future. Regardless of whether one’s family and friends will be able to meet in person or not, people can still enjoy the holiday as long as they keep a positive outlook and enjoy the time with what they have.

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