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The State of Cinema in Late 2020

As there are a multitude of perspectives on where we stand in the actions we should take for Covid-19, the state of Covid-19 is very questionable right now. Many experts argue that cases are expected to drop while many others disagree. Although there is a disagreement in the state of covid, a definite impact of Covid would be it’s damage to cinemas. The global box office was expected to lose $5 billion at the result of the pandemic. The urgency to revitalize the cinema has pushed theaters to reopen. Although recent re-openings of cinemas have rekindled many’s interest in movies, the majority still question the safety of going to a theater even with new safety regulations. With many confusion about the date of new release of movies, opportunities to watch movies, and the safety regulation held at each theater, this article will give you an insight on the state of cinema for late 2020 and the future.

Safety Regulations

Without theaters opening we face a threat to the safety of the viewers. These are a few, but most important regulations held in theaters.

1. Mask Requirement

All employees at the theatre are expected and required to wear a face mask. This is also inclusive for patrons and viewers. Understanding the effectiveness in using face masks, it is expected that there would be a face mask requirement.

2. Reduced Capacity

Interestingly another method theaters are approaching safety is through reduced capacity. Only 25% capacity is allowed for each screenings and there are also specified seatins that enforces social distancing within the theaters.

3. Air Filtration

Reopening theaters are required to change to HVAC air filtration systems with MERV 13 filters. To reduce contained airflow, theaters are enforcing more airflow to prevent the dangers of Covid 19 in a contained area.

4. Online Ticketing

All theatres require patrons to get their ticketing through online websites and apps. This is in order to reduce cluttering within theaters, eliminate the need for lines, and create a fast efficient way for service to be delivered in theaters. In total, theaters put mobile ticking in place to prevent concretions and cluttering.

Natascha Tuznik, a UC Davis Health associate professor of infectious disease addresses the situation with movie theaters as a relatively “low risk” place for people to be compared to many other places people are traveling to. Although she states that movie theatres are one of the safer options, she warns that ‘less risk’ doesn’t mean ‘no risk”. She backs this up with the fact that there is still uncertainty with the effect of these procedures. She states, “California’s requirement that people wear masks in all indoor public places decreases the risk, but it’s unclear how, or if, this will be enforced inside the theater during the showing.” Since many might still question their safety in theaters, here are a few alternatives.


After the closing of theaters for more than half a year, many are craving a movie theater experience. Here are a few alternatives that people have turned to.

1. Drive in Theaters

Local drive in theatres is a safe way to enjoy a movie with friends or family. Although new releases are not to be screened in drive-in theatres, drive in theatres is for viewers who crave the movie theater experience. There are a low number of different screenings and by following local drives in theatre’s social media, you can keep track of which movies you might want to enjoy.

2. Direct to streaming releases

Due to the closing of theatres, many studios have turned to streaming releases. Movies such as “Artemis Fowl” have been released under Hulu and many other streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Video have released new movies and shows to make up for the shortage in releases.

3. Renting a Theatre

AMC movie theaters are allowing customers to rent a movie theater for as low as 100 dollars. With a maximum capacity of 20 people, this is an easy way to approach a safe meet up between family and friends. With new movies expected to be released in late December such Wonder Woman, renting theaters in advance may your way to enjoy the holidays while enjoying the well missed theatre experience.

As there is no foresight to when quarantine and Covid-19 will stop, we should adjust and understand what activities and options are available for us. Watching a movie, being a popular option before quarantine, now has new alternatives that you may want to turn to. With new movies many are waiting for such as Dune, Wonder Woman, and Monster Hunter are expected to release into late 2020 and early 20201, keep an eye out for safe options to watch movies!

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