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  • Andrew Choi

Three Strikes and It’s a Turkey!

Strike! A perfect crash of ten pins is arguably the most satisfying feeling. Bowling is a great sport to enjoy with friends and family, a fun hobby, and a perfect stress release. This ancient game has endured through time because it is both competitive and enjoyable fun for all ages.

The history of bowling has been traced to Ancient Egypt, approximately 5000 B.C., and like these Ancient Egyptians, I spend my free time at my favorite bowling alley, Forest Lanes. Bowling is a sport that many people enjoy because it does not take too much effort to learn. At the bowling alley, there is a wide range of skills, from families with young children, teenagers, seniors, and competitive bowlers.

This sport may not look like a hard and intense sport, but it only requires a bit of concentration and good hand-eye coordination. It does take a lot of practice to perfect a strike, however, unlike many other sports such as basketball and soccer, this sport does not require high athleticism. The beauty of bowling is that you feel satisfaction every time you hit the bowling pins. The smooth rolling of the ball down the glossy lane, and the rumbling of the pins makes the perfect combination of sight and sound.

If there is a downside of bowling, it is that you have to pay to play every time at the bowling alley. It can eventually cost a lot because one has to rent shoes, the lane, and any other additional equipment. For an avid player, I would recommend buying bowling shoes and your own ball to minimize costs. Other sports you can go to a neighborhood park and play basketball, soccer, or swim at a swimming pool. Unfortunately, bowling is not a sport that could be played anywhere.

The popularity of bowling is clear because even many celebrities enjoy bowling. Famous celebrities like Terrel Williams (former wide receiver), Barack Obama(former United States President), and Chris Paul (professional basketball player). Chris Paul also hosts an annual celebrity bowling tournament, and just like these celebrities, local communities can also organize tournaments and activities to make memories and create friendships.

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