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Volunteering in Online Classes

In these times without large gatherings, it is difficult for people, especially young students, to receive a steady education. Fortunately, people have adapted to start teaching classes online, saving people lots of time and keeping them safe. However, online classes are much different from normal in-person classes, making some situations and problems difficult. So, to help the students learn and give the teachers more ease, I have decided to volunteer as an assistant.

As a volunteer, my main work was to help the students with any problems they had, such as the problems they had to solve, and explain the lessons to them so that it would be easier to understand. These lessons are normally simple enough for me to interpret for the students to easily understand and they are able to quickly comprehend the lesson and solve the problems easily.

While normally these lessons run without issues, there have also been some difficulties. Since these are online classes, the students are not always seen and supervised by the teachers. As a result, the students can very easily leave without notice or get distracted. Luckily, these problems have appeared very rarely and the disciplined students are now working hard on the classes.

Online classes come with its own set of difficulties as it is a very different experience than in-person classes. However, with the current situation, this option has been very successful and students have been able to learn a great amount of information. In case the situation does not improve in the near future, students can luckily still receive a good education and have good opportunities to succeed.

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