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Why do High Schoolers Start to Use the Gym?

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Ben Song (Crean Lutheran)

Walking into the gym, there are many people of different ages. Some are adults, some are elderlies, but most of them are high schoolers. Most people start working out in high school because once they start working out, they are most likely to enjoy the feeling of enhanced physical appearance, increased strength, and reduced stress. These activities are fun for them and help them stay motivated. As a result, high schoolers work out regularly by themselves.

The first reason why high schoolers start working out is because of their physical appearance. Some students think a better physical appearance could lead to better relationships and help them be more confident about themselves. Working out can have impacts on the skin because sweating could clean off the bad waste on a person’s skin. This can result in a slight glow on the person’s skin and their skin could look healthier because of the increased blood circulation that occurs when a person works out. According to Dr. Marisa Garshick, working out can be beneficial for your skin because it can increase the heart rate which can help with blood circulation. This can result in smooth, shiny skin which is age resistant.

The next reason why high schoolers start working out is because of strength. Working out can help increase the mass and strength of the muscle. The increase in muscle mass can make one’s physical appearance look better and the increase in strength could help high schoolers who play any type of sport. Almost all high schoolers play sports for various reasons. Some schools make it mandatory for a student to play sports in their high schools, some parents make their students play sports in order to socialize and build teamwork, some students play sports for fun, and for whatever reason, all sports require the use of muscles and working out can help to build strength.

The last reason why high schoolers start working out is that they can reduce their stress level while working out. When a person is stressed out, they need their body systems such as muscles, nerves, respiratory e.t.c. to interact with each other in order to control the stress suitably. Working out can help a person’s body system communicate with one another. For example, if a person works out, this requires an active muscular system to move, a respiratory system to breathe, and a cardiovascular system to pump blood faster.

In conclusion, the reason why high schoolers use the gym is to look better, to strengthen their muscles, and reduce their mental pressure. These three reasons all benefit them to stay healthy both mentally and physically. Many high schoolers work out regularly once they start working out because this physical activity makes you feel good by sending out various brain chemicals to help you feel relaxed and happy. The benefits of high schoolers when they start working out is better physical appearance, stronger muscles, and decreased amount of stress.

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